i rock in bed

perfect lay

You Are a Perfect Lay!

All sorts of guys long to hook up with you, but your standards are set high.

You don't just give it up to anyone, but when you do...they can't get enough of you!

You have a knack for pleasing and receiving, and sex with you is never boring.

Only problem is ~ they all seem to be falling in love with you...

What Kind of Lay Are You?

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Time for a lil discussion for Helenbed!

Aight girls and boys... a lil discussion... What are your feelings on hair in the private area? Do you prefer all natural leaving it there, a trim, a lil off the top please, or a close shave or design? or BAM! Plow it all down and be as smooth as a babies butt? Let me know how your feelings or opinions are!
sora and pooh

just some suggestions!

i think we should add a bunch more interests to the info-page of this community...like orgies, cock, boobies, sqeezing and such. if you have any thing to add, comment! comment! comment! what do you think megs?
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