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as we all noted tonight, helenbed is slowly buying the farm, so i'm writing in it to save its life, so to speak.
tonight was sooo fun. and let me just say this RIGHT OFF THE BAT: if not for the fact that i had my sis with me, i would have stayed there with that band. whew. that would have been fuuuuun :D
anywayz, tonight was fun fun fun. we danced, i got slammed a few times, fell down and had the whole mosh pit fall on top of me, little sindt yanked me up off the bottom of the mosh pile-on, looked at me like i was his hero and said "you totally got crushed!," flirty flirted with the guys from protagonist, danced with some ridiculously sexxxxxy mamas, NOAH TOUCHED ME AHHHHHHH! (hahahah that's for you, jenna, carmen, and meg), bought a new cd, got home, and my parents beat us home by like, ten minutes. they ACTALLY WENT OUT FOR REAL ANS DIDN"T GET HOME TILL MIDNIGHT. it was insane. also insane: the hotness of the lead guitarist for protagonist. whew. yay for florida boys. yeah, the only time i've wished i could ditch my sis to play girl toy for a bunch of guys in a van. daaammmmnn. leasha, do tell us all what happened :D
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