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hehe, cum to life community! come on everyone, join the fun!

regular, plain old sex-- boring to some, yet you
seem to love it. hey, do whatever pleases you!
(and of course your significant other)

What type of SEX do You enjoy?
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What's your sexual appeal?
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all i have to say is...LET ME SQUEEZ 'EM

BOOBS(w/ pics)
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1. alittle horny but its all good!

How horny are you?
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your grandparents house

Wheres the first place you'll get it on?
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this picture shows what u want ur one-day sex to
be, beautiful and calm. you are not over-
obsessed with sex. that's ok. don't think
that because other people have sex it means u
need to. almost everyone wants to have sex,
but u just don't have a passion or anything for
it, that's ok. i don't have much advice for u,
but u never know, u might wind up really
becoming obbsessed after a few good fucks!

**good pictures**Do you have an uncontrollable need for SEX?? (gurls mostly, will work for guys)
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