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You are Footsie

You're into turning your partner on...

But you just like to keep it on the down low.

You can get things totally fired up - without anyone the wiser.

You work your foreplay technique everywhere

From family dinners to work meetings.

It's all good - as long as you keep your foot in the right crotch!

What Kind of Foreplay Are *You*?

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crystal wand vibe

You Are a Crystal Wand Vibe!

Classy, stylish, and ornate.

You get it on from both ends baby!

And you get heated up or cooled down in no time.

You're a pornstar quality fuck.

Like this vibe? Get more info here...

What Vibrator Are *You*?

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Your Tongue's Talent is Kissing!

You're the shy, silent type. You haven't had much experience at all, and you keep it quiet.

You love playing sweet and innocent, but you have naughty fantasies too. Your sweet little tongue is perfect for teasing.

You love to get your lovers all excited. But you can't keep letting them down, or you'll be left lonely.

Come out of your shell a little, experiment with new things. You've mastered kissing... it's time to be a little more daring!

You'd be most compatible with a Pussy Licker! This expert tongue magician will show you what's only been in your fantasies. You're inexperienced, so you don't want to go full blown just yet. A Pussy Licker will slowly inch towards the dark side.

What's Your Tongue's Talent?

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